Medical Transcription

​​Purple KPO is a proven leader in producing accurately transcribed medical documents that keep the healthcare industry efficient and organized.

Medical transcription outsourcing makes things immensely simpler for solo practitioners, small practice groups, hospitals, and healthcare centers all over.

Purple KPO is an established premier healthcare KPO services provider for more than 20 years.

Start your journey with Purple KPO  today.


Benefits of Medical Transcription with Purple KPO 

  • Simplified Online access for complete visibility of workflow
  •  Dictations via a toll-free line, local phone, or digital recorder
  •  Anywhere/anytime online access to reports
  •  Print, search, auto-fax, and auto-print from online access
  •  Electronic signature capabilities
  •  Flexible file routing and pooling of work to ensure accuracy and quick turnaround times
  •  End-to-end HIPAA compliant work flow
  •  100% in-system reconciliation of all dictations
  •  Supercharged team well versed with the latest medical terminology
  •  Cloud based voice and file management system

Some Purple KPO Medical Transcription Metrics

  • More than 20 million lines transcribed annually
  • Delivering nearly 3 million reports annually
  • Turn-Around-Time between 6-24 hrs. (average to 16 hours)
  • Capable to accommodate additional lines within shortest possible notice

An experienced staff of transcriptionists, quality analysts, and team leads are ready and waiting
​to deliver on any size of business you require.

Transcribing more than 20 million lines every year